Launched in two thousand seventeen, we created JUNIP with the goal to bring natural, healthy fruit infusers to the world. We wanted a beverage that is tasty and can be used without limitations. We wanted a delicious drink without the guilt. We wanted a mind-blowing taste experience without any additives, artificial or unhealthy ingredients. With JUNIP we give you an all-natural, low-calorie infuser without the added sugar and calories, but with the zing of zesty lemon, zest of zingy basil, pang of sexy strawberries and pow of prickly pineapples!

There’s nothing more fresh, juicy and pure than nature itself and we rely only on natural and organic ingredients.

JUNIP is revolutionizing the infusion industry, being the only infuser of its kind to offer completely new possibilities in regards to taste, naturalness and usage. We wanted to give you a healthy option and make it easy to say no to sugar-filled syrups, lemonades and sodas. With JUNIP, we give you the full taste explosion of the fruits in their completely natural form.

With our different flavours, JUNIP takes you on a journey from tropical islands to our local fruit, herb and vegetable gardens. We want to bring people together – no matter if it’s through cooking, mixing cocktails or fitness. You can bring JUNIP everywhere and it always creates a special appreciation of life. With one movement you can create your signature cocktail out of a drink and just like that…magic happens.

With JUNIP we offer you endless possibilities for your kitchen and beverages.

…because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.

high quality ingredients



Maintaining and keeping a high quality of our infusers is extremely important to us. Therefore, JUNIP is developed by experts, so called Aromatizers, based on a centuries-old proven and gentle aroma extraction process. Only carefully selected and handpicked fruits and herbs, plants and spices are chosen and used in their natural form to achieve an exceptionally high organic quality. No additives nor preservation ingredients are used, instead we rely on the purity of nature itself. 

Our infusers are produced in a resource-saving and sustainable manner. The ingredients used are grown in an organic way and our JUNIP infusers are bottled by hand, with love, in Germany.

Since JUNIP is a completely natural product, the taste of each infuser depends on the harvest of the respective ingredients and could therefore vary a little bit. Meaning that every single bottle is unique.

Through the intense yet soft and natural taste, which comes from the full freshness of our ingredients, all our infusers create their own, unique character. Because of this, all our infusers are 100% natural and have been awarded the German Organic seal. PCU Deutschland GmbH (DE-ÖKO-037) regularly checks the quality of our ecologically grown ingredients.