Want to become a distributor?

Are you a fan of JUNIP and would like to provide your customers with a wide and unique range of our infusers? Then please write us at [email protected] as we would love to give you advise and further information on all our products and answer any questions that you may have.

No matter if you run a café, bar or hotel, your guests will be thrilled about the delicious and healthy drinks, lemonades and desserts in various and great tastes that you can create while using JUNIP.

Offering JUNIP in your store will bring your health conscious customers joy and content, presenting them with a fresh, natural and tasty product.


What are we doing better than other beverage companies?
  • We offer a unique range of flavours
  • All our JUNIP infusers are bio/organically certified
  • For our infusers we use, unlike most producers, no additives nor added sugar
  • Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the full taste comes from nothing other than the spices, plants and fruits themselves
  • Our JUNIP infusers can be used in numerous applications, such as drinks, cocktails, smoothies, baking, sorbets…


What can we offer you?
  • High level products to leverage your existing product line
  • Attractive and fair distributor conditions
  • Uncomplicated ordering process
  • Fast and reliable shipment