Launched in two thousand seventeen, JUNIP sells natural, healthy fruit infusers. They’re a refreshing addition to your home, bar, restaurant or nightclub and not only provide a healthier option for kids but also adults since all ingredients are natural and don’t come from concentrate juices but from nature itself.


We believe that body and soul live in a balanced symbiosis. What you eat and drink will affect your energy and the way you feel. It’s simple; good does good, on the inside and out. At the same time, we want to make sure people can enjoy themselves while feeling good. It’s according to this principle that we decided to create JUNIP. There’s nothing more fresh and pure than nature itself and we rely only on natural ingredients and say no to any added sugar and additives. We give you a healthy option and make it easy to turn down sticky syrups and sugar filled sodas in your drinks. With JUNIP, we give you the full taste of the fruits in their completely natural form.


We only use pure, natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. Our experienced team of flavour experts make sure all products are produced and developed according to the bio/organic standards and we continuously ensure the excellent quality of our own products.


With JUNIP we offer you endless possibilities for your kitchen and beverages.


JUNIP Press Contact:

JUNIP Organics

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20251 Hamburg


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