JUNIP Coconut


Includes 7% Mwst.
5,96 / 100 ml
Delivery Time: ca. 5-6 workdays

  • Made out of the purest of all ingredients
  • Carefully selected and organically certified
  • Contains no added sugar and is low in calories
  • Ingredients: natural organic Coconut flavour, water
  • Get that tropical, holiday feeling by adding our sunshine filled coconut infuser to your drinks

Our JUNIP Coconut not only gives you the greatness of coconuts but a big batch of vacation feelings. They were not easy to find but we managed to pick some for you!

We give you this tropical fruity taste without the usage of additives or added sugar. It all comes through the full freshness of the coconut itself.


Even though “nut” is in its name, coconuts are technically not nuts but actually drupes. Nevertheless, seriously yummy and one of the most used fruits sung in songs.

Contains 250 ml of JUNIP.


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