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JUNIP Jasmine


Includes 7% Mwst.
5,96 / 100 ml

  • Made out of the purest of all ingredients
  • Carefully selected and organically certified
  • Contains no added sugar and is low in calories
  • Ingredients: natural organic Jasmine flavour, water
  • The flowery scent and taste of JUNIP Jasmine is ideal for adding a little extra magic to your tea or baking

It’s said that the scent of jasmine produces a calming and relaxing effect. Which means this is perfect for your evening tea or the last nightcap.

We give you this flowery natural taste without the usage of additives or added sugar. It all comes through the full freshness of the jasmine itself.


Our JUNIP Jasmine is relaxing, calming, sweet, exotic, romantic and sensual – a clear favourite in our opinion.

Contains 250 ml of JUNIP.


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